Woman conditioning hair at a salon
Children require special and specific care for their hair and scalps. There are plenty of myths surrounding hair in popular culture, many of which are not entirely true. There are certain steps parents have to take when managing their kids’ hair and it can’t be left completely untamed. Keep reading to find the best way to care for your kids’ hair. MYTHS ABOUT HAIR CARE Countless myths are circulated around parenting circles that simply aren’t true. One such myth is the idea that shaving the head will magically reveal a new hair texture that is more desirable. Stop shaving your childr...

What are Your Lips Wearing Today?

Woman applying lipstick
What is that one pop of color that every outfit absolutely needs? What is that one cosmetic accessory that can ruin/make your day/night? It’s your lip color! Lipstick is an absolute essential in every woman’s life, and it’s what instills within her, the confidence to go out the run the world. But an incorrect shade, and the entire effort you put into dressing up goes for a toss! Don’t worry, we bring to you the ABSOLUTE guide to ideal lip colors – All you have to do is match your shade according to your skin tone, the season and the occasion – and you, my lady, are good to go! According t...

Do’s and Don’ts for Workplace Makeup

Business woman applying makeup
Overdone and inappropriate makeup at a workplace can not only distract your superiors and colleagues from focusing on your professional abilities but also become a reason for embarrassment instantly. This is why we bring to you the major do’s and don’ts for workplace makeup so that you look appealing without overdoing it and achieve success that comes naturally to you! DO’S It is advisable to go easy on the mascara as this helps you to avoid overdone eye makeup and gives your eyes a subtle look. When you apply the mascara, start from the base and move towards the tip and roll the wa...