Exploring Reasons Behind The Occurrence Of Acne

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People are leading a really stressful lives nowadays; so much so, that they rarely have time to take care of their own health. And, the same goes with one’s skin. People are not able to take effective care of their skin. And, analyzing reasons for the occurrence of various skin problems is even more difficult task for them, since they never have so much time to go into these details. However, one must strive hard to really understand the reason behind the things, in order to get to the root cause of the things. So, here are some of the reasons behind the occurrence of acne.


Stress is one of the primary factors that affect a person’s well being. Stress is directly related to the occurrence of zits. This is because stress at workplace increases the levels of cortisol, which prompts more production of oil by the glands in the body. This excessive production of oil makes us prone to bacterial infection.

So, one must make sure that they pay utmost attention to managing stress at their workplace as well as their home. They can do this by getting involved in some cardiovascular activities, eating balanced diet, and by doing some meditation.


Hormones can certainly lead to the occurrence of acne. Women ares not able to comprehend the reason for sudden occurrence of acne sometimes; however, they definitely fail to take into account the factor that their bodies might be undergoing some hormonal changes. For instance, there is a great chance for women to develop some acne when they reach their puberty. Similarly, pregnant women have a greater chance of getting acne.

So, the best way to combat this problem is to exfoliate the skin regularly. One must make sure that they exfoliate their skin twice in a week in order to get effective results. This will get rid of the dead skin cells, and thus, prevent the creation of favourable conditions for the bacteria to grow and multiply.

Wrong Products

Wrong products are also a major cause of acne. Women complain sometimes that they are developing acne all of a sudden. However, they never understand why this is happening. They are not able to notice and identify that they might be applying some wrong products.

So, one must be alert to the side-effects of products. For instance, if they experience sudden occurrence of acne on their face, they must carefully check the ingredients of the products that they are using. And thus, they should refrain from using those products in future.


One’s diet is the major determining factor behind the occurrence of acne. And, a person who eats food with high glycemic index is found to experience acne frequently. So, foods that have simple carbohydrates should be avoided since they are rich in sugar only. Furthermore, dairy products are also found to be harmful for the skin.


One’s surroundings also affect one’s appearance. For instance, things like how clean a person’s pillow case is, how clean a person’s cell phone is, etc. are significant factors in this regards. So, a person must maintain a good personal hygiene.

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