Golden Principles Of Applying Make Up To Flaky And Dry Skin

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Taking care of the skin is never an easy task, and the matter becomes even more complicated in case one has that flaky and dry skin that is irritating as well as painful. Women certainly need to devise a great strategy in order to handle this situation expertly; otherwise, they can never imagine handling this situation dexterously. So, here is a skincare plan that could help women manage things properly.

Start With Exfoliation

Women experiencing dry and flaky skin certainly need to start with exfoliating their skin. This should be the first step in the process of taking care of their skin, since this step serves manifold purposes. First off, it works by removing the flakes that prevent the other skincare products from working effectively on the skin. So, the dead skin layer gets removed efficiently by exfoliating which paves the way for the proper absorption of other skincare products.

Put On Hydrating Product

Second thing to do after exfoliating the skin is to put on some hydrating product. This is really important step as exfoliating demands application of hydrating product, especially from those who have dry skin. This is because exfoliating invariably takes away some moisture off the face, and one needs to provide that lost moisture quickly in order to prevent further deterioration of the skin. So, a hydrating product rich in hyaluronic acid works best in this case.

Never Use Powder

Powders are never good for dry skin since they simply cover the dry patches and don’t let them breathe in fresh air. Basically, they don’t have any properties to heal those dry patches, and thus, the presence of powder is certainly unwelcoming for the skin.

Don’t Use Mattifying Formula

Again, the products with mattifying formula should be avoided by people with dry skin, since they have very scarce amount of moisture in their skin. So, these products can never be absorbed by the skin effectively, and as a result, these products simply stay on top of the skin and cause more harm to it rather than making any good. So, such products with ‘oil-free,’ ‘matte,’ and ‘velvet’ properties should be avoided at any cost.

Skip Concealer

The concealers are the next products that need to be avoided by people with dry skin. This is because the regular use of concealers leads to the occurrence of firm fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. So, one should avoid using concealers in this case.

Use Bronzer And Cream Blush

Cream Blush and Bronzer is a great friend of dry skin as it provides that extra dose of moisture that the skin desperately needs. So, it provides the cheeks that youthful appearance and glow that it has been craving for.

Use Damp Blender

Again, opting for damp blender could work wonders as it could again provide that extra bit of hydration that the skin requires.

Apply Products Prudently

Last but not least, people with dry skin need to be aware of the fact that too much experimentation can prove to be more harmful for them. So, they need to apply the products judiciously.

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