Love the Termica!

I must admit that I hadn’t heard of OROGOLD Cosmetics before today, and let me tell you, I wish that I had heard of them earlier. I had the pleasure of checking out their beautiful store at the local mall and I really loved some of the high end products that they have to offer. I got pulled into the store by a salesperson handing out samples and they told me everything that they have to offer. And I got hooked. The store itself is so beautiful with its European vibe and the products look so gorgeous that you really don’t feel like leaving. I believe that the décor is just perfect.

Termica Mask

They introduced me to the OROGOLD Termica Collection and I got hooked even more. I came to realize that Denise Richards had mentioned in a news interview that the Termica Collection was her favorite OROGOLD collection. And when Denise says something about her skin, I usually like to listen. OROGOLD was kind enough to offer me a free demonstration of the OROGOLD Termica Facial Mask and I must say that I haven’t seen anything like this ever before in my life.


This OROGOLD mask is a self-heating mask that becomes warm when it comes in contact with your skin and it is by far the best mask that I have ever applied in my life. I found the mask to have a thick and creamy feel and they told me that it contains ingredients like Vitamin A, gold, Algae and Vitamin E. The lady used the OROGOLD Termica Serum on top of the mask. She told me that this serum would prove to be an ideal alternative to invasive therapies and that it would help my skin to look a lot younger and smoother.

Termica Night Repair

Although I felt the most amazing sensations due to the heat provided by the product, I was really skeptical about how this product could give me instant results. After about 10 minutes, the lady washed the mask off, she applied the serum once again. She said that this would make my face look more relaxed and refreshed. Again, I was a bit skeptical about how this product would bring a noticeable difference in just one application.


After the entire demonstration, I checked myself in the mirror and I really couldn’t believe my eyes. My face looked like it was actually laden with real gold and I had this really beautiful glow. I instantly ended up purchasing the entire Termica Collection. It was a major setback for my wallet, but hey, when you gotta spend, you gotta spend.


I was at a loss of words back then and failed to to describe how beautiful I felt. I could only utter out a stupid looking thank you. I hope that this review goes helps in expressing how amazing I thought your products were. It’s almost been 6 hours since I got the demo, but my skin still looks really really cool. I would certainly recommend OROGOLD products to everyone.



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