Majestic Ways Of Taking Care Of Specific Type Of Skin

Woman Showing Her Dry Skin

People are invariably puzzled when it comes to taking effective care of their skin. And, they are mainly confused because the kinds of products that their friends use produce great results, but when they apply those products the results are not that heartening. So, this confuses them. However, this thing is quite natural as the efficacy of products is directly dependent on the type of skin that one has. So, first off, it becomes pivotal to understand about one’s skin type prior to taking steps to take perfect care of one’s skin.

Various Types Of Skin

There are three main types of skin which are listed here.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is characterized by the occurrence of flakes and rashes on the skin. The skin feels irritated form foreign particles, and is prone to allergies.

Oily Skin

While oily skin might not be that allergic; still, it has some other problems. It is characterized by regular occurrence of acne.

Combination Skin

If a person experience that the skin on his face is dry, except for the T-zone, which tends to be drier then the person is said to have combination skin. So, the T-area, comprising forehead, nose, and chin is prone to acne and breakouts, while the cheeks and the remaining area develop regular flakes.

Taking Effective Care Of Various Types Of Skin

Dry Skin

Dry skin entails a lot of care and attention. Following are the ways to take effective care of dry skin.


First of all, one must make it a point to use a very gentle cleanser. Moreover, excessive cleansing of the face must be avoided as the skin is prone to rashes.


As it has already been pointed out dry skin can easily develop rashes; so, one must make sure that proper dose of moisturizer is applied in order to make sure that the skin remains in good health.

Skincare Plan For Oily Skin


Again, cleansing forms the first step for people with oily skin, since one needs to get rid of the dust and dirt that gets accumulated on the face.

Salicylic Acid

Products containing salicylic acid work wonder for oily skin. So, one must apply these products on the oily patches on the skin.


Retinol is effective in reducing the size of the pores. Moreover, it is also instrumental in reducing the production of oil. So, one must use products containing retinol, as it also acts as a powerful anti-aging ingredient too.


Moisturizing remains a mandatory step for people with oily skin too; however, one must make sure that they pick up the moisturizer which is oil-free.

Combination Skin

Some of the skincare essentials for people with combination skin are listed here.


Again, cleansing the face is the primary requirement; however, again, one must go with gentle cleanser.

Salicylic Acid For Specific Spots

As it has been pointed out that salicylic acid is good for people with oily skin; so, people with combination skin could use this ingredient to treat the oilier patches on their skin.


One should moisturize the face by using oil-free products.

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