Understanding The Rippling Effects Of Popping A Pimple

Woman Posing Worried About Pimples

Most of the people hit the mirror in the morning first thing, in order to acknowledge their scintillating appearance. However, sometimes there are devastated by seeing the pimple right on their face. They are so much frustrated about it that they want to get rid of it straightaway. So, popping the pimple seems to be the most obvious step for them, as they think of getting rid of this embarrassment as soon as possible. However, they fail to realize that they are actually causing more harm than good, as they are increasing the time required to get rid of this zit. There are several drawbacks of popping a pimple impulsively.

The Problem Of Getting A Horrible Scar

The occurrence of that horrible scar on the place of the pimple is a common phenomenon. People fail to realize that this is the result of their impatience. Moreover, the worst part is that these scars become permanent and prominent over a period of time, and become almost invincible, even if one applies a plethora of cosmetic creams and powders.

Leads To Infection

Popping a zit implies inviting the pus, which is basically the transmitting agent transferring the infection to other areas on the skin. Moreover, the zit gets exposed by squeezing, which attracts a lot of bacteria to it. So, one should brace oneself for the impending disaster once they pop a zit on a whim.

Worsens Inflammation

Squeezing the pimple involves damage to the skin area surrounding it. So much so that the skin can becomes vulnerable to further inflammation. This is the reason why people fee that excruciating pain and constant itching when they pop their pimple.

Occurrence Of Prominent Scabs

People often complain of unconquerable scabs after their pimple bid adieu to them. The primary reason behind this is the ill-handling of the zit. One should be wary of the scabs since a number of cosmetic products fail to treat these scabs most of the times.

Increase In The Healing Time

So, the shortcut intended by people actually proves to be a long method, simply because of the time that it takes to get out of the repercussions of popping a pimple. One may feel itchiness, redness of the skin, and appearance of more pimples in the area nearby to the earlier pimple. So, one should keep this in mind, and behave patiently when they get a pimple on their face.

Occurrence Of More Pimples

As it has been discussed earlier as well, the infection coming out of the zit is going to spread in the nearby area, thereby making the area prone to getting more pimples. So, one definitely needs to learn how to control their temptation of popping the pimple, since this seemingly simple step leads to some disastrous consequences for one’s skin.

Leads To Skin Discolouration

People who are prone to popping the pimples often notice a number of black spots on their face and their skin. This is simply because in the process of popping the pimple they have applied a great deal of pressure on the delicate skin, which initially causes the area to become dark. However, in the absence of enough care and attention, the area is bound to become permanently dark.

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