Unearthing Effective Ways To Protect The Skin From Pollution

Woman In Sun Light

the air. Women really need to follow some foolproof skincare plan in order to keep these pollutants at bay and maintain glowing skin. There are some effective ways of protecting the skin from pollution.

Face Wash

Face wash is a must in making sure that one’s face is not affected by pollutants. So, one must keep a face wash handy. So, as soon as a person feels itchy, they could simply use some washroom in order to wash their face with a face wash. And moreover, this way is even better than wet wipes.

Face Mist

Face Mist is another great product to have every time you are travelling. This is because one gets a chance to replenish the lost moisturizer straightaway. These face mists are great thermal water sprays that instantly cover up for the lost moisture. The skin becomes hydrated, and one dons that glowing appearance straightaway. Basically, face mist performs the dual function of moisturizer as well as toner.


Women need to understand that sun is the major culprit for their skin. The free radicals in the skin are greatly enhanced because of the radiations of the sun; so, one needs to protect the skin from the sun. Not only this, one must use sunscreen with SPF 30 or above in order to ensure foolproof protection. Further, there is a need to replenish the dosage of sunscreen every couple of hours or so, depending upon one’s exposure to sun. So, all these things need to be adhered to strictly in order to get phenomenal results.

Lip Balm

Lips are the most ignored part of the face it seems, as women are seen to follow a stringent skincare plan, while ignoring their lips. However, it is better not to forget this sensitive and pivotal organ. So, one must make sure that they carry a lip balm along with them in order to provide that lost moisture to the lips. Furthermore, one must understand that there is a need to exfoliate the lips as well from time to time in order to make sure that the lip balm works effectively.


As it has been highlighted earlier as well, not only the lips but the whole face needs to be exfoliated. This is because the dead skin cells need to be removed in order to make sure that the other products could work effectively. However, one must avoid excessive exfoliation since it can prove fatal as the skin could become drier and lose its sheen.

Hand Cream

Hands are also taken for granted at times, which is the reason behind cracked palms. So, one must make sure that hands too get necessary dose of moisture. So, one must carry hand cream along with them. Moreover, if it comes with SPF as well, then it is even better, since it will ensure that hands are protected from the sun as well.

Plenty Of Water

Drinking plenty of water has always been a great way of avoiding any sort of skin problems. This is because in this case one ensures that they are hydrated from within.

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