Unearthing Topmost Ways Of Getting Rid Of Dry Skin

Woman Taking Care Of Her Skin

Occurrence of dry skin is a common phenomenon during winter season. The body, along with the skin, experiences extreme climatic conditions and temperatures during the winters; while there is dry and cold outside, it is very dry and hot inside. This wreaks havoc on the skin actually, and the situation is certainly unmanageable for people with sensitive skin. While majority of the women feel there is not much to do in this case; there are dermatologist who feel a lot could be done to get rid of dry skin during winters. Here are some topmost ways of taking extreme care of dry skin.

Boycott Hot Water

Well, it may sound extreme; however, the word ‘boycott’ should be understood in earnest here. Women need to make sure that they say no to long hot water baths during winters. The tendency to take such baths arises because one feels that this is a suitable option to beat the chilling cold; however, women are causing a great loss to the skin by doing this, as the skin loses all its charm and appearance due to the loss of all the natural oils in the body. So, one must go for warm water baths, and instead of rubbing the body, women must pat it dry. These little things make a huge difference at the end of the day.

Change The Summer Products

Now, women need to realize this thing that they need to get rid of the summer products during winter. The change of season entails changing the products as well. For instance, upgrading to a rich cream in the place of lotion makes a huge impact on the skin. These lotions are meant to be suitable for warmer weather conditions; however, a cream is more penetrating, and thus more effective. So, the need of the hour is to go for rich creams.

Night Cream

Most of the times, it is the occurrence of wrinkles that really appals the women, in particular. They are aghast and dispirited after seeing the fine lines and wrinkles all over the face. However, these are not going to stay longer, as the change in climatic conditions is going to take care of this thing. Still, women must go for a night cream of good quality in order to provide that moisture to the skin during the night as well. Besides, effort must be made to sleep soundly for adequate amount of time. This too helps the skin retain its vigour.

Get Oil

Now, as the body is vulnerable to losing oils, it is time women supplied the necessary dose of oils back to the body. So, they must contemplate enhancing the dosage of Fish oil and Flaxseed oil, as these oils are super healthy for the skin. The skin remains supple by consuming these oils, since they are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Moreover, not only these oils improve the appearance of skin but also help in reducing the pain women feel around the stiff joints. The joints are prone to become stiff as women prefer staying indoors, which reduces the movement of joints. So, these oils improve the appearance of skin and provide relief from pain as well.

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