Unravelling The Mystery Behind The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Quite often it is seen that various people complain of acute restlessness and constant pain in their body. However, such claims are ridiculed by the family members of that person, who consider it as one of the ways to dodge work. However, scientists have now proven that chronic pain is neither an excuse to feign illness nor a mental illusion of a person, rather, it is a serious disorder of the body that is actually caused by the gut bacteria. There are a number of facts that have been put forth by the scientists which have done a lot in unravelling the mystery behind the chronic fatigue syndrome.

Symptoms Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Quite often it is the women who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. Some of the common symptoms of this disease include joint pain, depression, excess sleepiness, weakness, forgetfulness, and permanent feeling of being fatigued all the time.

Diagnosis Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome is the real challenge as doctors are not at all convinced that the people are actually suffering from this disease. Sometimes, they feel that the people just visit them as they lack essential nutrients in their diets, and thus, the treatment that is carried out simply includes some painkillers along with supplements of vitamins or minerals. However, the doctors never get to the actual problem.

However, there is a group of scientists now who have unveiled how a person with chronic fatigue syndrome have inflammatory markers in their blood and stool, which proves that these people have different profile of gut bacteria, and that is actually the main cause of the occurrence of this condition.

Working Of Gut Bacteria

Now, the scientists have gone at length to explain the working of the gut bacteria in incapacitating one from performing well. Firstly, the presence of gut bacteria in large amounts in the intestine is the main cause behind the poor digestion, pain, and most importantly inflammation. Moreover, these bacteria work in a fast manner as they are always in search of some ‘leaky gut’ from where they could escape into the blood and cause inflammation of the blood vessels as well. This is a harmful condition as sometimes people end up suffering from acute infection as well. All this reduces the immunity of the body as the bacteria keep on increasing in concentration, leaving one completely vulnerable and prone to getting diseases.

Incapacitation Of The Immune System

The constant infection caused by the bacteria puts a lot of strain on the immune system since it starts its natural process of wiping out any sort of unwanted elements from the body. However, the quantity of the bacteria is much more and it keeps on multiplying as well, so, the immune system of the body finds it hard to keep the harmful bacteria at bay. And eventually, there comes a time when it is completely incapacitated by the bacteria, which then leads to permanent exhaustion and pain in the body. This is actually the condition of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Cure For This Illness

The natural cure for this illness is to get rid of the harmful bacteria by consuming some other type of bacteria that would counter its negative effects. So, one could take other bacteria in their diet, and consume some products like kimchi or kefir.

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