What are Your Lips Wearing Today?

Woman applying lipstick

What is that one pop of color that every outfit absolutely needs? What is that one cosmetic accessory that can ruin/make your day/night? It’s your lip color!

Lipstick is an absolute essential in every woman’s life, and it’s what instills within her, the confidence to go out the run the world. But an incorrect shade, and the entire effort you put into dressing up goes for a toss!

Don’t worry, we bring to you the ABSOLUTE guide to ideal lip colors – All you have to do is match your shade according to your skin tone, the season and the occasion – and you, my lady, are good to go!

According to Skin Tone,

1. Fair Skin Tone: The lucky bit about fair skinned women is that they can experiment with almost anything.In case you wish to stick to the basics, choose from an array of bold and deep lip colors for eg. Dark Red.

2. Wheatish Skin Tone: Since this skin tone is more on the lines of neutral, it’s easy to pick a shade in this case.Almost all shades of red, orange, pink and nude work well with this skin tone.

3. Dark Skin Tone: Dark Skin tones work like magic for the deepest colors like plum and maroon. Our only tip is to avoid bright colors like orange and flashy pink since they pop out too much and can ruin your entire look.

According to the Season,

1. Summer: Summer is the season of vibrancy and liveliness, and our best advice for summer would be pop colors and flashy lipstick shades. Bright, translucent colors like shades of Orange, Pink and upbeat red work beautifully for colorful ensembles.

2. Spring: Spring is a mellower season in comparison to summer but it doesn’t lose out on its color pop although it focuses on pastel colors and shades of nude, with pinks and corals and any/all shades representing the season itself.

3. Winter: Winter sets a darker and more elegant tone, and focuses on deeper shades of all lipsticks including a few shades like black, deep purple and blood red for even daytime.

According to the Occasion,

This, perhaps, is the most essential categorization of lipstick shades since it’s extremely easy to go wrong here.

1. Corporate Workplace: Since it’s an everyday event, it’s best to keep the lipstick tone limited to pastels. Shades of Nude, Brown pink and brown purple work best. Or else, simple plain gloss works beautifully as well.

2. Creative Office Space: Since the space screams creativity, brighter shades like coral, red, rose pink and fuchsia work well.

3. Cocktail Party/ Evening Wear: Such events require a splash of bold, which are basically, colors such as berry, fuchsia and coral red.

4. Meet the Parents/ Girl Next Door: Since this calls for a simple overall look, shades of peach, pink and/or else colored gloss are abundant for the same.

5. Vacation/ Weekend Wear: Everything about a vacation screams for shades of Pink.

6. Sunday Brunch: Depending on the kind of place you are going to, the Sunday brunch lip shade can switch from elegantly bright to enigmatically dark shades.

7. Date Night: If you’re going for mysterious, date night calls for that classy, deep shade of red that you otherwise can’t think of places to wear to!

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